RS-2 Open W/Spark Arrestor

Got tired of switching the end cap and spark Arrestor out to ride off road, an also loosing a little power off road sucked to. so I decided to just make one. No it's not USFS approved but around here all they do is try and put a stick down your exhaust.

Went to the hardware store got a sink strainer and hose clamp. Cut the hose clamp, put in the end of the pipe and tack welded it together to hold its shape ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406262001.088428.jpg

Cut the screen to the right size and it took a little experimenting but I got it to where if I tack welded the outside of the hose clamp it would melt threw to the wire with out disintegrating. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406262203.217605.jpg

Tapped it into the pipe, drilled it from the side and stuck a bolt and nut on it. Not to sure how many people are interested in this but I'm happy with it :-) ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406262351.616494.jpg

"Genuine American ingenuity"'a luv it.... :cheers:  :smirk:

"Genuine American ingenuity"'a luv it.... :cheers::smirk:

haha redneck ingenuity

cant beat a good bodge job if it works  :thumbsup:

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