Dr-z 400 Frame Rust- to fix or not

Hi all,

I just upgraded from a DR350 to a 2003 DR-Z 400 with 2,200 miles on it. I paid $2500 for the bike and its super clean except for a few spots of rust pictured below. If i scrape the rust there is bare metal right below, My queston is; should I worry about fixing this? In and of itself it doesn't bother me and there are plenty of other things I'd do to the bike before I fix this for cosmetic reasons but in your experience will this progress to the point where it causes structural dammage during the normal life span of the bike? If it should be fixed, to do it well does it need to be stripped to the frame and taken to an auto body shope or will some sanding / wire brushing and a backyard paint job suffice?



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No pic

Backyard job will probably suffice

I wouldn't leave rust if I could help it. If your going to be scraping it up on the trails/woods then I would just clean up the rust area and fix that area. Not worth the time to strip it for something that will get scratched again.

Sorry. here are the pictures, thanks for looking.IMG_20140725_002529 (640x480) - Copy.jpgIMG_20140724_190820 (640x471) - Copy.jpg

That can be cleaned up and touched up.

Thanks, what is the reccomened method for doing that? ie What should it be sanded with and what paint holds up well?

On my bike I used a rust inhibitor and primer\painted over with a color that looks damn near identical to the stock Z color.  The name and model # escapes me but some searching on google will help you there.

I use a duplicolor paint that matches incredibly well; i had it in my garage.

Some of that rust is getting gnarly, I'd fix that right away. Brass wire wheel in a drill to strip it clean, use a rust inhibiting primer (or POR15 if you're baller) then top coat it with the duplicolor.

I'll go look at the color name in a minute.

The color is duplicolor Ford medium charcoal. (My bottle also has the word anthracite in the color, but I can't find that online.) It appears to be color code "BFM0225" in the USA, and perhaps "CDSFM255" here in Canada. I got it at Canadian Tire, product code 047-0077-8.

I don't know why I have it, I've never owned a Ford. :/

thabks for the help.

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