KTM high output stator in RM 250?

Stator is dead in my 03 250. Anyone know of other years working? suzuki parts house lists 01-04 but i don't want to shell out $100 for a stator...

RMZ work? KX work? RMX work? Older RMs work? 

Stator I pulled out is a 6 pole but only 4 poles are wrapped with copper. the 2009-1980s RM's look to be all 6 pole, some have copper on all 6 poles. Same mounting brackets and everything. Extra copper = more wattage = lights? Possibly trying to hit two birds with one stone. Want to replace stator with a working one and add a 12 watt LED headlight. 

INFACT! http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Output-Stator-KTM-250-EXC-MXC-SX-XC-1998-2012-/291181916351?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43cbcb70bf&vxp=mtr

This KTM stator looks EXACTLY like my stock RM stator. 6 poles, same mounting holes and bracket. Think it would work?

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Not sure on the KTM, but I believe the 2001 RM250 is different to 02-08

Not sure on the KTM, but I believe the 2001 RM250 is different to 02-08

Haha, All the RM stators 1985+ look the same. 6 pole, same bracket and all. If no one can answer, I may just buy one and guinea pig it.

Ask seller specific dimensions and if it sounds good-give it a try. I know KTM bikes use kukosan ignitions. I Dont think suzuki bikes use that type of ignition. Check Ricky stator or one of the other lighting/stator companies. They may tell you if it will work or..just get the lighting stator. They aren't that much. $200 and you can run lights and know it will work. Using another bikes stator-gotta be sure ignition timing would be same.

I figured, 4 wires, 6 poles, same mounting bracket and it would work. Not much to em right? just some copper wrapped around wheel spokes right? If it fits and mounts up, should work right?

If your looking for more wattage then just call Ricky Stator.  Their the experts and will be able to sell you just about what ever you want.

According to the guys at Stealhy off road, the 01 is certainly different to the 02-08. 01 is the same as 98/99/00

After calling suzuki, PMing rickystator, PMing the KTM stator, I did not get a definitive answer. I bought a used $50 stator off ebay with a damaged pick up, only for the seller to not answer questions and refund my money. 

Going on week #3 of no stator.

WHERE THE ZOOK VETS AT? You can't tell me none of you have stator knowledge....

Would an 03 RM 125 stator work? Everything looks to be the exact same, microfiche numbers don't match but suzuki's got a half assed setup for the 2001-2008 RMs so I can't tell if its compatible or not.

If no responses are given in 24 hours I will make a separate thread.

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