Do I rejet the TT FCR-MX or leave it alone at sea level?

I'm reading left and right about this and I'm seeing I need a needle that's not provided in the TT kit amongst other things.


I'm in hot and humid Florida.. '13 DRZ400S with uncorked RS-2 Yoshi and 3x3 mod. The stock FCR-MX carb from the TT store looks like it should work since I'm at sea level.. but should I just buy the JD jet kit and do it right the first time?



It's jetted for sea level. Just leave it the way it is. Should have an emn needle and a 160 mj and a 45 pj. Make sure the pilot air jet( back of carb( belmouth) is removed. Wire up the ap linkage( o-ring mod) and make sure you have around 1 sec of squirt duration

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