Been given the go ahead to get the 500

Why am I balking? I guess I've reached that age where you think, damn that's a lot of $$!! Just wish this RFS I had didn't hold up this well .... Lol

  • I feel your pain... and now know the flip side to that.

FYI, I was in the shop the other day and the dealer asked me how I liked the bike. I paused for a second and said $10k it a lot money to spend on a dirt bike.... That being said I sure do like riding that thing.

I understand completely, I had the same exact thoughts, both before and after I bought it, though I've had no regrets so far.  What helps me is to make a pros/cons sheet and include the opportunity costs.  That will help you make the decision without regrets. 


I love toys in general and something else I do to control my spending is when I get the itch to buy a new toy, I hold off and sit on the idea for a while.  If I still want it after a month or two then I get it, but often the itch goes away after some time.  So maybe sit on the idea until the 2015's have been in showrooms for a while, and if you still want it at that point then go for it. Especially if you've already got a bike to ride between now and then. 

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Have a perfectly good 520 that has been an awesome bike. Also thinking maybe it's time to sell it since people want the RFS now

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Why am I balking? I guess I've reached that age where you think, damn that's a lot of $$!! Just wish this RFS I had didn't hold up this well .... Lol


Hold on....   This doesn't make any sense.


Everything that I read on the interweb says that KTM's are junk, and will explode.  I call BS that you have an RFS that is holding up well.  There's no way that it's lasted more than 50 hours, not unless you've done the top end 4 times, and the lower end twice, and adjusted the valves as part of  every 2 hour oil change.  B-flippin-S.   ;)




PS:  I KNOW that I am right on this too, because EVERYTHING that you read on the interweb is true.  I read that on the interweb too...

Awesome, what are you waiting for, I would lose my RFS in a heart beat! rode my buddies 500 and it is one the best bikes I ever rode, handles like a dream. Go for it, have fun!

Actually new bike for me next year but keeping the RFS for my older kids and guests.

Got it :)


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I'm so jealous

Didn't know it didn't come with even the KTM skid plate. Oh well I'd put a different one on anyway

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Awesome enjoy it!

Got it :)


Oh Lordy that looks nice...congrats.

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