Is This Normal (radiator cap easy removal when hot)?

Bike is a 2014 350 XC-F


I mangled both rads a while ago, then had them straightened, but ultimately (just) replaced the right-side rad because I had to top it off with water every 20 minutes since the level would continually drop. On top of that, the filler neck would not let the cap to seal properly.


Anyway, I went out riding yesterday with the new rad and cap installed and noticed that I can pull over at any time while slogging through slow technical trails (lots of Rekluse slippage, bike is up to temp), and simply unscrew/remove the rad cap without any drama whatsoever. No fizzing/hissing. No coolant shooting out. Nothing. I can see the coolant level is still good (just above the fins inside top of rad), but did not expect to be able to remove the cap at will regardless of how hot the bike is. The bike seemed to be running great. No smell of coolant, etc. There just doesn't seem to be any pressure.


Is this normal? Can someone confirm that their bike acts the same? If this is abnormal, I should be looking at the water pump?


I am using the Trail Tech KTM Digital Fan, and have it set to run at 150°F.

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I forgot to mention that the left side rad feels very hot to the touch when I put my hand on the top tank, but the right side unit feels only warm (can rest my bare hand on it).


This is freakin puzzling.

It should not be like that

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