Sleeved cylinder 97 RM250, what piston?

Hi Guys, I'm rusty and haven't been on a bike in 12+ years, just picked up a very nice 97 RM250 the other day for cheap to start riding with my son, he's 5 and loves the sport!!


Anyway, This bike apparently has been sleeved, no plated cylinder here. I'm doing a full rebuild on it and I'm seeing pistons for "SCEM" and pistons that don't say.... do I need a particular piston for the sleeved cylinder? 


While I'm at it, whats the stock bore size on a 97 RM250? I'm measuring 66.25-66.30mm just a quick check with my calipers.

66.40x72 is stock for 97 and 98!

I'd have it re sleeved with a nikasil plated sleeve. 

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