Seat Foam /cover and seat step Combo

I ordered this great combo deal from Motostore for $50 plus shipping .Its a Ebay  outfit .

 Came with a Tall firm seat foam ,Seat step and seat cover .

 This was my first replacement I've done and ran into a little problem with the seat cover towards the rear . Did the best I  could on the corners  and ended up with a crease on each side .
 Before installing the seat step I put the foam and the seat base ,took the step with me and sat on my bike . I sat in my natural position in attack mode ,placed the step against my rear in that position ,made my marks and that's where I installed it . It kind of seems further back then other steps I see on other bikes but oh well .
 All in all it feels great  but have yet to take it for a ride . definitely feel I got my money's worth .


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Took it for a ride and the seat step had to go .  otherwise feels great .



Just got back from a Ride and the tall seat changes everything . At first I felt a little off on the turns but that quickly went away and love the space I have when sitting now.

 Conserved a lot of energy when switching from sit and stand . Rode harder ,longer and the seat felt great .  I do miss the way the X-seat feels with turns  and I did raise my handlebars a little more which works out great . When I stand I have the right leverage and when I'm sitting the handlebars don't feel to high . :thumbsup:

 This bike is getting better with age .
 I also decided to run the rich coupler today and like how it preforms  . I tried the Lean coupler too but  too much popping on deceleration .

 I'm also tinkering with the sag still . I purposely ran increased the race sag  to achieve a negative feeling but I could not really find it  .when decreasing the race sag I found when I went to far that direction . So I increased the race sag till It felt great . Working from one side of the spectrum .

What sag settings are you currently running? I'm running 110mm and it has worked really well. 

What sag settings are you currently running? I'm running 110mm and it has worked really well. 

 Interesting that's about where I'm at as well  . sitting race sag I'm at 110mm and standing I'm at 106 mm . Averaging 108mm  

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