Castle Rock Riding Sat July 26 2014


Anybody have any details about this place?

I've ridden here back in 2007 and it was great! Haven't been there since because I've been told it's closed! I knw the parking area by the train tracks says NO parking now. Every time I drive by the place you can see clearly people have been riding there by the tracks going up the side of the hill by the highway.

Is it legal to park on the east side of I5 by the bridge? Looks like there is an open dead end road there!

Here's a pic from google to show you where I'm talking about! From google maps it even looks like people have been riding there by the look of the tracks...

I'm planing on going Saturday July 26th if anyone would like to go!


I don't think it's really ever been open, the locals seem to do whatever they want

Years ago they put signs up with concrete blocks, I would ride that one at your own risk.


Why not go ride somewhere legal?

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