What size tube do I need? Please Help

I just ordered new tires (front & rear) Maxxis IT 100/90-19 & 80/100-21 I was going to get the Heavy Duty tubes for both of these tires but as I was ordering I read that if you get the HD tubes they suggest you get a size smaller tube. Just confused on what tubes I actually need to buy and what size? Should I just buy the ones that are made the same size as the tire? This is my first time changing/buying tires & tubes. All/any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Guys!!!!

Is there a bump rule here? Also, really no one can help with this question? not even 1 view :(

Id get the ones for my tire size. If they dont have my size id get next larger or smaller.

That sort of answered my question. they do have my size tubes, but it says they reccommend getting a size smaller if you get the heavy duty tubes. Am I going to have trouble fitting the ones the same size as my tire in?

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