Getting another bike?

Im looking for another bike for trails, i found this 2003 klx125 and was wondering how good they are. Are they reliable? Parts easy to come by? Any history on the bike would be good. Its a pretty good price but i wanted to see what you all have to say. I already have an rm85

The klx 125 wouldn't really be an upgrade if that's what you are looking for! Your 85 more than likely has more power than the klx 125 or real close to it. It would be a good bike for some trails though, and also im sure you know but it's a 4 stroke and your 85 is obviously and 2 stroke. So it depends if you wanna keep riding a 2 smoker, or change over to a 4 stroke. I currently ride a 2004 rm 125 and I love 2 smokers :D

Have you considered an xr200?Klx's are good, but if you are fast you will destroy it without upgrading the suspension.

Or a didn't give any info about yourself....are you small? The 85 to big/small? anything.


The KLX 140 would be a better choice....the 125 is like a CRF80F, not like a KX125...

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