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Anyone play w/externally adjustable fork preload?

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Just curious. For those with XC-Ws or open chamber WP forks with the externally adjustable fork spring preload what have you tried for settings?

I actually have a 2014 Sherco 300 SE-R two stroke but it has the same 4860 WP open chamber fork as an XC-W. It has a WP rear shock but with linkage.

I notice the KTM manual recommends 1-2 turns in. But my Sherco manual recommends 4-8 turns.

What are you guys running?

The is my first bike with open chambers. I love them in the rocks. However they do feel a little soft going fast and a little divey under hard front braking. My 09 ktm xcf was the opposite with closed forks.

I am 190 lbs and the 4.2 springs say good to 187 so I could probably go up 4.4s. Just trying to play with it before I do. I am a slow B rider but ride a lot of technical Rocky Mountain single track.

Thanks for the help.

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