oil seals 1990 cr250 wont seat

Hello thumper talk! please dont hate me for being a noob on this stuff  :banghead:


Im doing a rebuild on my 1990 cr250 front forks (Showa 45mm inverted) and I have the guide bushing and back up ring seated properly but the oil seal wont drive in that extra couple of MM to show the stop ring groove. It seats but just doesn't drive down that extra little bit to seat fully :bonk: .  I know the oil seal is on the correct way as well as the guide bushing.  As far as the backup ring the manual doesn't really explain much on the inspection side.  If anyone knows/has ran into this problem before your help will not go unnoticed! (apologies in advance if this is a previous thread)


Ride on! :ride:

-Allen b.

If the metal ring becomes twisted when you remove the old seals you won't get the new ones in

Hello mog,

i have assured the ring is smooth and flat. The oil seal seats in there square it just wont drive back that extra 2 or 3 mm to show the whole stole ring groove.

thanks for the response!

-Allen B

Wrong seal by the sounds of it

Are they the two piece outer tubes with the seal head that moves up the tube when the seal is installed?? If they are I think I've answered your question .. I had a holder fabricated out of timber with a hole slightly larger than the top part of the outer so the seal head could be supported while the oil seal was driven home.

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i dont think i understand what your saying to be honest. Everything is correct and the way i had it during disassembaly. I did fork/dust seals on the left fork fine with no problem but this one literally wont move past the stop ring groove, it gets there just not past it :(

after reading your post carefully (sorry man im from CA i like my 420) it decided to drive home perfectly. You the man KBRPKENNY! thanks alot man and have a wonderful day!

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