13 crf 450 balance spring removal

Has anyone changed the balance springs in the psf forks yet? I cant get mine out, i can see that the inner cartridge screws apart but i dont want to chance breaking it. Any tips?

Yup, i have taken mine apart.

On the underside, the 'seal head' so to speak, you have a flowered hex shape, i got a big bolt, and ground the head to fit into there, and clamped it in a vise. I then used my fork cap spanner, and tried to spin the parts apart. What actually happened was that i undid the upper piece, when i actually want the lower piece off. Ok, no problem. I found an old triple tree in the garage the perfect size, clamped that in the vice, and slid the tube up in there and just snugged the pinch bolt. My modded bolt got a couple of nuts wound on to it (like when you extract a stud) i was then able to undo the lower piece off the tube and get to my balance spring.

Thanks for that, guess ill have to make a tool to unscrew it. Just wanted to be sure it came off before i attacked it. Cheers for the info

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