Stolen Trailer and Bikes


Good morning everyone.

On Friday July 18th, 2014 my enclosed 24 ft. white trailer was stolen from my house in Pinon Hills Ca. inside my trailer was a 2013.5 450SXF Dungey Edition #271 and a 2009 KTM 530EXC with a lot of upgrades and orange bling on it. Both of the bike have my race number #248 on them, the 450 has yellow number plates. Inside the trailer is everything motocross I own along with wife and sons riding gear. If you hear of anyone trying to sell parts or like new gear i would appreciate a heads up.





Thanks for all your support on this



Any pics, by chance, in case anyone sees it driving down the freeway?

I hope you get all your property back

There's a thread on vital of a guy that had his trailer with 2 bikes stolen in Cali Oakley in contra costa county don't know if that's near you? Chp found the trailer no bikes and he posted an ad on Craigslist and got a call from someone saying they know where the bikes are but they're already out of state or something along those lines.

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