An old friend reappears

Cruising the local CL ads, I found an ad for my old 2003 xr100. i had supermotoed her,off roaded her, then finally put her back to stock before trading for a near mint 82yz125. I traded her with the sumo wheels/tires. That was 2011. Well she lived with that owner on an apple orchard for about a year, 45 miles away.

Fast foreward to last summer and I spot what could have been her on CL about 20 miles away. I contacted the owner to confirm it was her. It was. She was a far cry from the showroom beauty I let go. But still running strong with the big bore kit I installed. He proclaimed he just picked it up from a guy in queens,ny. Aparently it was used as a hooligan bike and thats where it was "altered" shall we say. Well, I wake up today and do the CL scan and what do I see? An ad for a xr100 with that darned HRC sticker I put on the rear fender in 2003! This time, a mere 5 min drive from her original home....She has been used a lot, and made lots of people happy.Yeah, like an ex-girlfriend I kind of miss her, glad she's gone, but wouldn't mind one more ride!!

Share any similar stories guys.

No stories of bikes returning?

Only my first street bike, IIRC, 1984 GS 650E, it was stolen and gone for a long time but an FBI Sting operation recovered it and delivered it back to me.

Quite a shock actually, and I`ll never forget the day it was brought back...the two guys that brought it back not sure if they were under cover agents or not but for sure you never would believe them to be cops.

its a small world, but nope all of my bikes have been sold and never been seen again, Expept for the last yz450f my brother sold. I went riding the weekend after he sold his bike , im riding at the local track and boom there she was scaring the pants off her new owner.


i do have a habit of checking ever CBR600rr i see to try and find the one that i sold a couple years back.

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