1985 RM 125 or 1994 CR 125

I found too project bikes one is a 1985 RM 125 and the other one is a 1994 CR 125. I was going to fix one up and wanted too know which one would have a better resell value after its been fixed up. Thanks 

You will lose 75% of every cent put into them in labour AT LEAST.


In absolute mint condition like off the showroom floor, neither are worth more then $1000 and I bet it will take more then that to get them even close to there. If you want to build an older bike to keep and enjoy and you don't care about money then get the 94 because it's much more modern and build that. You will lose most of the mone you put into it though so remember that.


You're better off spending your total parts, labour and bike budget just buying a better, newer bike. 

I bought a new 1985 RM125 and that year blew staters so often that I doubt you'd have to restore anything. It must be mint! On the flip side good luck finding an ignition...

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