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I'm starting a channel, and need some feedback

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Hey guys, so I'm starting a new channel that I'm trying to keep updated, and wanted to get some feedback/requests for content.




Any thoughts you have would be appreciated, thumbs ups/subs are super appreciated.

Just post stuff of what you do... Show what you think is cool and forget everyone else. If they like it they like it.. if they don't that's ok.. Here's mine. It's not great it's not bad. I would say if you want to make it better learn about your video editing. I'm clueless so my stuff is plain and not special.. but if you knew what you are doing with making a nice video like a product I'm sure it will be good. I know that lots of guys like to hear the motor of the bike ..I put some music once in a while just for fun and to see how it would work. Have fun!



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