Wanting to get a new quad

Hey guys well here is the thing a town close to me just made a oval dirt track not sure of the dimensions probably probably close to a 400m running track. I already have a 87 250r that I just blew up last summer and now I don't know weather to fix it and race it there or get a new fourwheeler I know they have 2 classes one for utility and one sport. I obviously want to race sport but I don't know if my fourwheeler will hang with them it is a pretty fast fourwheeler but I'm pretty sure if a banshee stayed in the powerband the whole race I would get smoked and a 450 has more low end torque well I'm just saying what I "think" I know. Also well I'm not sure how much it would cost to fix mine but if I did how much do you guys think it would be worth? Another thing is I will go cruising with friends and maybe a few drag races with friends for fun and a few trails but I'm not a huge trail guy.. the main question is I wanna know what fourwheeler you guys think will own in a oval track?

By the way I am 6'4" and 200lbs if that matters


Maybe rebuild your quad and slap a 330 kit in there?

Rebuild that quad, they make great flat track quads

Rebuild that quad, they make great flat track quads

You think a built 250r will beat a built banshee?

Rebuild that quad, they make great flat track quads

You think a built 250r will beat a built banshee?

well they certainly are one of the best handling quads made. with a good esr motor a 250r will do dang well

310 big bore 250r shouldn't have much problems with stock or mild banshees, especially on a track because they handle a lot better. Banshee's make little to no power down low, all their power is up top so depending on the layout of the track, you may smoke them. A well built 250r motor shouldn't have much problems with 450's either and they're 50 pounds or so lighter to boot. 

I think the banshees could stay in the top end but who knows. I'm gonna try to go watch the next one and just check everything out

I know that there are some built banshees that go there.. there is a video on YouTube of one of there races type in atv flat track racing at atchison ks speedway

87-89 TRX250R's were the best quads ever made for racing. Like others have said, rebuild it and throw a 310 kit or bigger on there. It will keep up with Banshees no problem. Keep in mind a built TRX250R will weigh less than 350 pounds. A built Banshee will weigh 400 pounds minimum. Takes more horse to move that extra 50+ pounds around.

Also, if you are used to riding two-strokes, stay with it. 4 stroke 450's are great bikes, but nothing beats that explosive two-smoke power band! :-)

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