690sm stalled, now won't stall, Please Help!

Hey guys I was riding home from school at about 80 mph, the bike shuttered and then slowed down to 70 mph for about 3 seconds and then died. 

After that the bike won't start. It flashed a code and I searched it, I replaced rectifier, battery, and checked all the fuses still won't start. 



I'm considering:

Starter: anyone know how to check that?

Fuel Pump: anyone know how to check that?


Please Help. 

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Any suggestions?

Is the battery dead?  Why would a bike just stop if the starter went belly up?  Have you checked the fuel pump or the fuel filter?

Sound fueling related, my 690 SMC did something similar, couldn't accelerate above 80mph without it stuttering and slowing down, then one day I started it, it died, then wouldn't start again.


Turn off the bike, then turn it on, do you hear the fuel pump prime? If you don't hear it, that's probably it. $30 replacement fuel pump on eBay worked great for me.

Fuel related. Could be bad fuel. Drain the tank and put premium fuel in. Is the fuel cap properly locked? Otherwise fuel pump. Doesn't sound like an electric problem. I hope the injector has been clogged up

Any suggestions?

Do the easy and obvious first....fuel spark plug battery fuses...and earth on the bike...then go forwards from there...reg rec etc...TPS fuel injector.

You'll hear your fuel pump fire up....cross reference yr blink code in the owners manual.

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