Alarm device may damage CDI????

This may come a bit strange to some of you but I am considering installing an alarm in my new WR450F. Unfortunately bike theft in the area where I live is commun and increasing. I was considering installing a distance alarm sensor that I also have installed on my Yammie TDM850 and works only when a small device that I have hidden in a pocket is near the bike. When the device is far from the bike it interferes in the ignition such that it won't work anymore. The problem is that YAMAHA dealers are saying now through an official note that this may DAMAGE the expensive CDI unit. the rationale that I have been receiving hasn't convinced me but at the same time I do not want to put my CDI unit at risk. Is this true? Any one?

Don't know, what rationale did they use? Exactly what did the letter say?

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