1984 Yamaha xt 600 aftermarket ad ons

hi i have a 1984 xt 600 all stock and wanted to know what aftermarket parts work with this bike i would really want to put on aftermarket exhaust ( Thinking of an FMF slip on but don't know which one sounds or works the best) aftermarket handlebars (thinking pro taper or renthal but again don't know which one fits better or feel more comfortable). what dual sport tires are good( because right now it has some really knobby one on and won't be good on the road once is street legalized. Want to keep it mostly stock just want to make it sound better with different exhaust and feel better with different handlebars. thanks and much appreciated. 



Good luck with after market parts I had one more than 10 years ago. First off Speed and Sport Yamaha in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania has the largest old stock inventory in the United States. Look up thier number because you'll eventually need it because Yamaha hasn't made parts for 20 for the xt/tt. Look at ebay I've seen some used exhausts over the years.

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