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TTR90 dipstick - how long is it?

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So I'm getting my kids' TTR90's ready to go out tomorrow morning for their first ride on dirt. I recently picked these two machines up off CL and have put a bit of work into them.

A week or so ago I started one of them up and after 20 secondsor so, it puked A LOT of oil out the vent tube, all over the garage floor. I didn't measure it, but it was about a cup I'd guess. When I bought it, I transported it in the back of our Expedition and it had slid over onto its side. I didn't think too much of it at the time, thinking it was from laying on its side, as I was doing other things on 3 different bikes.'Sides, it ran at the seller's house, though thinking back, not for very long.

Tonight I started it up, let it run for a couple minutes (no valve noise, BTW), shut it off, leveled it, unscrewed the dipstick, wiped it off and put it back in, unscrewed. When I took it back out, there was NO oil on it. So I added about a cup (see where this is going?), started it back up and watched it piss that cup out the vent tube all over the floor... again.

It was dinner time and throughout enjoying my wife's version of pork stir fry, started going over worst case scenarios in my head. After dinner, only one bowl btw, I hopped on the 'puter and started searching for my doomsday fix. I read horror stories of bad rings, broken skirts (piston, get your head out of the gutter), clogged oil screens (that looks like a PIA to clean) and clogged pumps. I started thinking about it and when I started it up, I had the dipstick out, so blowby should be eliminated. Logically, that says no bad rings or other bad top-endy type of issues. That left the oil screen or pump. Well, I didn't really want to pull the right side cover just to get to it. Sitting there scratching my head, the liughbulb went off. I had another IDENTICAL bike not 3 feet away. I pulled its dipstick and immedtiately noticed a (the?) problem. The one on the bike showing the proper oil level and not puking its guts out, is about an inch longer than the one that is puking oil out. So, in the time it took me to write this drivel, I probably could've drained all the oil out, replaced it with a measured amount and checked, calling it good with the longer dipstick. However, I'm in my air conditioned house (it's over 90 in the garage right now), hoping someone would be so kind as to measure the dipstick of their TTR90 and tell me how long it is from where it would seal against the case, the top of the threads bascially, to the tip. The two I have to choose from here are 3-11/16 & 4-3/4 inches, respectively.


TL;DR: I'm lazy and cool inside the house. How long is your 90's dipstick?



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