Rd. 7 Deschambault - Canadian National Motocross




Sunday, July 27th, 2014 "Motocross Deschambault" Deschambault, Quebec, Canada


Practice should start at 8:00AM EST.

Live timing: http://www.mxnationals.ca/live-results/

Live audio webcast: http://www.mxpmag.com/live-event-coverage-with-motoradio/

Results: http://www.mxnationals.ca/results/

Pro Rider List: http://www.mxnationals.ca/past-results/2014-top-100/



- 7:30am Pro Riders Meeting


- 8:00am             MX2 Pro Practice – Group 1

- 8:17am             MX2 Pro Practice – Group 2

- 8:35am             MX1 Pro Practice – Group 1

- 8:52am             MX1 Pro Practice – Group 2


- 9:10am             Track Maintenance


- 9:20am            MX2 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 1

- 9:40am            MX2 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 2

- 10:00am         MX1 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 1

- 10:20am         MX1 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 2



- 10:50am          Track Maintenance


- 11:00am          MX2 Pro Timed LCQ

- 11:15am           MX1 Pro Timed LCQ


- 11:30am          Track Maintenance


- 11:50am          Opening Ceremonies


- 12:00pm          MX2 Hot Lap

- 12:10pm          MX2 Moto #1


- 12:45pm           Track Maintenance


- 1:00pm             MX1 Pro Hot Lap

- 1:10pm             MX1 Pro Moto #1


- 1:45pm             Track Maintenance



- 2:30pm             MX2 Pro Hot Lap

- 2:40pm             MX2 Pro Moto #2


- 3:10pm             Track Maintenance


- 3:30pm             MX1 Pro Hot Lap

- 3:40pm             MX1 Moto #2

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