2011 250sxf dead spot

Going to buy a 2011 ktm250sxf for my brother. Guy selling it says it has like a dead spot while riding it. Did a little research and it looks like there is some 2012 updates to do on one to take care of the problem. Any info is much appreciated.

Not one I can remember

I've had two issues with mine both feeling like it was starving for gas (which it was) when you opened the throttle under load.  One being the fuel pump going out were after about a half hour it wouldn't start.  The other being the inline filter at the injector being clogged.  I heard, but cannot confirm, that the '11's inline filter had too fine a mesh and should be replaced with a later part number...

If the filter was blocked they have no power like a 125 , but always check the filter and the one in the tank , also you can get the fuel pump tested for pressure

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