2008 WR250F Air Box Mods



Currently in the process of doing the relatively free mods for the 2008 WR250F


Does anyone have some pictures of which sections of the airbox to cut out, including the snorkel?


I can find it for the 2006 model and am not sure if it is the same for the 2008 model.



No, the airbox on 2007-and-later models is different from earlier models and there are no molded-in parts to cut out if you choose as the earlier bikes had.

Some guys have posted pics of them having cut the top of the airbox directly below the battery, but since the battery blocks this, why bother?


On my 2009 model, I removed the snorkels and that was it for the airbox mods for me.

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Ok too eezee

thanks pal. snorkel it is

cheers buddy, haven't done it yet, stuck at work for another month. pics are always welcome

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