Poor Idle & eratic revs on idle

Hi All

Can anyone shed some light on A current problem with my Road leagal WR 400 99,It,s suffering from poor idleing at road junctions ie cuts out, & it also suffers from revs staying at above idle at junctions also, have checked plug for mixture and also checked the tps for resistance readings all seems okay.

Its fitted with a FMF PWR COREIV silencer and is mainly used for Supermoto track days and Street use.p.s I,m in England (nr london)

Please help I'm lost

Cheers Davey

Assuming it ran well before, you may have tight valves, dirt in your carburator, bad quality fuel, misadjusted lowspeed fuel mixture or an airleak at the intake manifold ( remove clamp spacer for better clamping force.

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