Kdx200 or ktm250xcw

I have a ttr230 and am wanting something with more power and suspension. I am debating on a kdx 200 or ktm 250xcw because if I decided on a ktm I would have to wait a lot longer and save up a lot more money. Is the kdx a good step up from the ttr230 and would I ever want a bigger bike? I mostly do trail riding and wanted to start doing harescrambles

A KDX is a great step up, and will retain its value. They can be competitive almost to expert class with little work. Then you can sell it for damn near what you paid when you have saved enough for a ktm.

well put


It is a good step up from the TT-R230.  Power and suspension are a good bit better.  I have ridden both.

I'd say the kdx is a slight upgrade from your ttr, whereas the ktm is a major upgrade. Depends how serious you are about riding...if you are super gung-ho about riding go ktm, if you just recreationally ride go kdx...I ride a kdx220 and feel it's lacking in the front suspension and ground clearance department...I'm pleased otherwise

Alright I think I will wait and save up some money and try to convince my dad to let me big the ktm

Save up your money until you have enough to go test ride a KDX, then make a decision.  (assuming you have no friend who has one for you to test ride)

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