What does this bolt do?

I have a new 13 wr250, took it out for it's maiden voyage Saturday, and now going over it checking bolts, oil change ect..

There is supposed to be a bolt here. It must have fallen out. What does this do? Could it have let debris in the engine? Looks like it's just a threaded hole with something screwed in from the inside. But wanted to ask you guys.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406391138.084732.jpg

Im pretty sure thats something to do with the ais, shouldnt do damage maybe just put a bolt in for peace of mind

Just a mounting point for the ais bracket, good to go! Your dealer remove it for you?

Its an unused bolt hole, no harm... i see that the AIS is still hooked up...

Yes, unused hole on a 2007-and-later model.

On the 2006 model, this was for a bolt that held the AIS air delivery pipe to the exhaust port.

Hey, thanks guys.

AIS came off an hour ago. Now here is a conundrum.

After I did the free mods, got a good day of riding without stall or hesitation. Got it home, cleaned it up, and rode it a few days later and for the first time it was lugging. I hadn't planned on changing the leak jet but since I have the bowl off I might as well. Problem is, what size? JD came with a 60 leak while the GYTR came with a 90. That's a pretty big jump. I got the GYTR kit and the JD jetting kit. Planned on moving up to 180 main with the JD kit. With the JD kit, most guys just install as is. Still confused on which needle to start on as I am at sea level in WI. Typical weather about 75f during the riding season . Only GYTR baffle on rear. Havnt opened up the second baffle with holes yet.

I live sea level here in michigan...i went with the red needle and the 180 main jet settings for the gytr tip and all free mods done...the reason jd and gytr have differ sized jets is the needle shape... just follow what jd says in the instructions and the bike will run :) ...the only adjustment you will need to do is the fuel screw from time to time...

Have to ditto deafrider250f's comments. Recently installed the JD kit + fuel screw and cut down throttle stop on a friends 2009 WR250f. Airbox baffle removed, but AIS system remains with stock exhaust.  Followed JD's instructions to the T.  Huge...and much needed improvement.  I live at sea level, as well, in East Texas.  I suspect replacing the stock can would boost it further, however my bud prefers the quieter pipe (notably quieter than my stock CRF250x pipe).  This is bike 3 that in which I've installed the JD kit.  They've each been magic.  Spot on. Just follow JD's instructions and put the GYTR kit on the shelf. 

Go with the smaller leak jet, I do not know why the GYT kit had a 90. The way the leak jet works is that it returns fuel from the accelerator pump back to the fuel bowl so that a bigger leak jet will return more fuel to the bowl making for a leaner squirt when you whack the throttle which in most cases causes the dreaded bog. Ounce you install the 60 leak jet you probably will not have to touch it. Personaly I like the R&D float bowl but it is not necessarly needed but it does work better than stock.

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