Piston Clearance Question for CW434 kit

So the stock service limit on piston clearance is .002 in.


Does anyone know if that changes with the Cylinder Works 434 kit?  If so what is it's service limit.


Mine is currently .003 in with vertex 93.95mm piston and cw cylinder.

No, not according to the Suzuki manual.  Set up new is .0012 to .0016 inch, Very tight for a big 4 stroke with a forged piston.  Service limit is .005 inch.


A CW kit is going to be set up with more clearance as new.  Probably .002 to .003 inch.  I would use the Suzuki service limit of .005 as a guide.

The last time I checked my piston to cylinder clearance it was .0023 or .05mm on my 434 bore

Thanks that's all I needed to know. Now does anyone know where to find the rings only for the vertex 93.95 piston? I have checked their site and can only find stock bore on rings only.

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