So far so good so what i..should buy?

Im just about to jerk looking over and over the golden era of sumo bikes

and the husaberg fs650 04+

so im about to get it, BUT

what about parts?

is there a stock list and in few years i must be seeking auctions?? hehe

i mean what if in 2 years i need a new rod?


Get a 570 and you won't need to worry about parts..

what do you mean?

its still a closed company, the parts are getting rare every minute.

its not about reliability

im worried about all the berg and husqy bikes's future

the 570 shares 80% of its parts with its KTM brethren. the 650 unfortunately does not.

aw! thanks for that info i didnt knew!

I also learned today that ktm (who has all the parts from all the past models, alos 650) has the responsibility for 10 years as for the parts supply.

I would ask "10 years from when?". Model year? That 2004 would then be off the list! I could certainly see them supporting the current and recent models for 10 more years, but I'm sure they have drawn the line somewhere! Parts for my '06 are already hard to source anywhere but Husaberg. (ie motorcycle superstore, rm-offroad, etc don't even know my model exists!).

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