Project Build Your Own (pictures)






So I purchased the billets from, they have a very broad range of thicknesses and grades of all types of metals, and the best part was that I had my pieces cut exactly the way I wanted them to save me from having to do extra finishing work. So the goal of this is to make the correct length pullrods for our KXD220 as it does stinkbug and this will also go a long way to helping the rear suspension act more proper. The OEM length is 124mm and I believe Pro Circuit made ones that were 125mm, however we are cutting ours to 125.5mm. If it doesnt work out, it is only $15 for another set of billets, so no real loss if it does not work right. I have already done the layout work, and I am just waiting for my local store to get the 15mm bit for the holes. I chose 6061 Al which is just a step below aircraft grade 7075, so there is no issue of strength and also I matched the OEM thickness of .5in.


Hopefully monday I will be able to go buy the bit and have some holes drilled and post up some more pics  :banana:   :ride:

Cool.  Do the stock links have a steel or other metal insert in the hole?

Nope just billet aluminum. Its a no tolerance fit.

Acquired the bit today and an abrasive cone for the chamfering around the holes to prevent binding as used in the OEM pieces. Might be a couple days before I can drill and install them, but at least I can if I get the time  :thumbsup:

Sorry I havent been posting to this at all... Just been really busy with school and work, on a side note I did polish the one bottom side. I am only going to do the inside of them, as they will be side and bottom specific. Maybe this weekend I will get some holes drilled. Once that is done this project will be well on its way to done. Ill follow this reply up with some pics.





Glad to say I finally got to finish this yesterday. They still need to be finished, have the corners rounded and all that, but they are on and fit superbly! :)


Unike the KDX250 which apparenty all my pictures got deleted, I can post pictures of these  :ride: .

Here are some pictures of our project links. Like that ghetto drain tubing? That wasn't me, that was the other builder to cheap and anxious to do it right...



Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I finally got to finish these! School has been pretty busy and any bike time I get goes to the kdx250, so with spring break starting today at 1300 I finally got a chance to do what I wanted to do!

Initially I took and bandsaw cut the corners to get rid of a lot of the material as I was not going to sand that much off. I had my buddy doing the work in the last picture. Yes he's a big Ole guy about 6'9" and 350 lbs lol. Anyway! So we cut all 8 corners. Then it was time to start sanding and grinding. First I took off the rough edges with the bench grinder then headed over to the belt/disc sander to finish the ends. With radius' I had inscribed it was just basic sand to the mark kind of stuff. With some precision and attention to detail my buddy rounded those corners quite well I must say!

That pretty much wraps this project up besides the polishing I want to do and refinish. I'll post pics of polish and install!

For anyone that was wondering, these 1.5mm longer li KS effectively dropped the fender at 5/8 of an inch. This should solve the issue of stink big and linkage curve, not that the dogbone linkage had much of that problem but it was present!

Thanks for reading! I went a little stingy on the pics because I did a lot work myself but I might just do a overview before install/after polish just for you guys!




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