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The death of braaps - end of an era?

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Im so like how awesome was the 2005-6 time that husqys 510 are a brand new bike and husabergs fs650 is the last speech of brutality from the companies?

And XRR was on sales stil, and smc660 was on the game too , and so fu**ing nice machines was on the markets!

now what?

im gonna be in trouble about the parts availability if i buy a true hardcore supermoto?like 510?like berg?

These bikes has an museum aesthetic now?

living to nowadays and xt660x - ktm690 and some boring-eco-euro-green-free-planetfriendly-sissy bikes had come,no fcr lust anymore.no braap feeling anymore, just technology of smoothnes and friendlyness.

how gay* is that?

and how tragic, i love husaberg and husqwarna but... hey?ktm?stop!

im looking to new models and I dont feel like a rider anymore, i dont belong in the mt-07 culture , nor the 690,

Am I a disasterminded that likes the supermoto?I am taken as an unnatural rider if i go for some ktm 560 and change his natural philoshophy(offroad)?The hole fun category of supermoto dissapeared?


just wondering...


*oh, im gay too no hard feelings

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