Bottom end Rebuild Questions

I've bought my DRZ and heard many good things about the bike and also heard that its built like a tank and pretty much bullet proof. As i realize the bike is very good, i would like to know how much certain things would cost if for say something was too fail. I have found out about the top end rebuild and rough cost estimates and it seems to be very good in the sense that it is not too expensive or difficult to do. As for the bottom end i seem to have run out of luck on my research.


My questions:


Tell tell signs your crank or bearings may be failing?


Worst case Scenario if your Bottom end/Crank Fails?


If bottom end goes e.g. Crank, replace or rebuild?


If replacing whats the best route e.g. wiseco or hot rods or any other alternatives?


If rebuilding, whats the best conrod for the DRZ?


Roughly how long "should" it take for a shop to take a complete bike, take the engine out and replace the crank with a new or rebuilt crank?


What would you need? all i have found about this is for a rebuild you would need big end bearings and a conrod kit aswell as a gasket set for both top and bottom end.


Any help would be great :)


Thanks in advance

I would like to know the same questions. I am considering a full rebuild for next season and want to know what's most reliable

Metal in the oil and motor rattle , knocking , excessive vibration . Are some signs .

OEM or Hot Rods crank are Good .

Get some quotes and see what shops charge .

How many miles on your bike.?..I wouldn't get too stressed out if it's got low miles...

There are many variables to the questions you are asking....

As for the bottom end i seem to have run out of luck on my research.



You can find prices for parts at


Crank is a pressed assembly, so best route to go is most likely a new aftermarket crank if you want longevity and better price than OEM. Some people have rebuilt the crank, but the jury is out on wether it'll last the lifetime of the rest of the motor or fail prematurely again.


For a bottom end rebuild you will also need a case splitter tool. 

My bikes done roughly 14,000 miles/KM not sure what my speedo is in, i would assume miles so its not at the rebuild stage, but i do believe its had quite a hard life green laning over here as its got quite a few age related wear and tear marks lol

I think you guys are the only commonwealth country to still run with mp/h....not sure what green laning is, there are some variables but you should at least twice those miles out of a bottom end....

I think Green Laning is dirt riding , not on MX tracks but just lanes .

Yes sorry, Green laning is what us UK people can do with our road legal bikes, unlike the US where you have many local places you can ride etc in the UK we have Designated "green lanes" which are lanes that are for public vehicles which are no longer maintained by the local council so pretty much just dirt/gravel tracks which are awful for supermoto tires :( and im too lazy to put my dirt tires on so yeh lol

To open this topic up again, just wondering whether a quote for £500 or $840 is relatively good for a bottom end rebuild e.g. top/bottom end gaskets, new conrod, new bearing, new crank bearings, new big end bearings etc etc + an overall mechanical clean and check over?

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