oil level

started going around my new 520 today and was wondering, manual says cold engine oil level to bottom of sight glass, sight glass appeared full cold, so i proceeded to drain oil to proper

level, it held 5 ounces too much in it, would any of you worry about that or have specs been upgraded or changed. I will progressively be going around the bike before I ride it much, any issues anybody can think of will be appreciated, and yes i will be looking at all of forum to self answer as many questions as possible. thank you ironbasher







I wouldn't sweat the engine oil level too much, showing in the glass is good to go. I'd check it after a ride where it has been up to operating temps, you might find the level has dropped a tad. Just for kicks, measure what you drain out for both eng & trans. I didn't and was concerned when my trans only took 250ml to run out the check hole. Owners here in the mnt thread advised me to dump in 1000ml and ride. It was good advice, no issues and I for one would rather have too much, rather than too little oil.

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Thank you for the response desertrat28, that seems to be the consensus i am discovering. ironbasher1

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