Best place to buy supermoto rims and street tires?

Warp 9 seems my best option, from what I've looked at, Motostrano has the front and back rim for $868. What would people recommend as far as tires?

If I recall correctly, r6realtor bought his supermoto tires and wheels for his WR250R and CRF250L for his buddy from this place.  They don't list the 250L in the drop down box but I'd give them a call and check into it.  Seems like the Michelin Pilot Power tire comes up a lot in the conversations about supermoto tires.

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I followed the last post and there is no option for crf250l only 250r and 250x to fit supermoto 17" do u need to fit new chain and spacer??

OK, I went back and searched and dug up the old post from r6realtor when he converted his buddies 250L to supermoto and when asked where he got all his stuff from, this is the  reply he gave.....


"jim at he has amazing customericon1.png service and the best prices I could find on the internet."


So there you go, they can do Warp9 17" wheels for the 250L even though they're not listed on the website that I could find.  Again, you need to just give "Jim" a call I would assume.

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