2000 Yamaha TTR 90/Bog Issue

Hi i got this TTr 90 about 3 Months ago & when i got it didn't run great & wouldn't idle....So i did my research & long story short i have Cleaned the Whole Carb, All new Orings,Jet's,Idle Screw, Air Screw , Needle valve, Basicly a Carb Rebuild Kit...I stuck with stock, New Plug Gas Tank Fully Cleaned everything....The bike runs great & idles great except from Idle if i snap the throttle to rev it up quick it will acted like it want's to die & it will if i stay on it, But if i start out slow & roll it it will be fine or when i am riding & slow down say im putting around in first gear & try to do a wheelie & snap the throttle it will cut out or act like it wants to die but other than that bike runs excellent...I have done everything & cleaned everything, I have also worked on bikes before but haven't run into this issue


Any ideas how i can correct this ...

Ok i have Cleaned the Carb Numorous Times, It is as Clean as it gets i have done a carb rebuild kit with stock jets, & added a Fuel Filter, New Air Filter, NGK Plug, Bike idles great & runs great  but still boggs when the Throttle is snapped quickly from idle or taking off in first but after that the bike runs top


Also today i noticed that when i lean the bike over on it's right side it looses idle & wants to die ? Like it is Starving for ?


I just don't know what to do everything is correct & no matter how i set the Air/Fuel mixture screws it does this ?


I would Appreciate any suggestions or Help on this cause i am at a loss

Double check your float level, then play with the fuel screw in very small increments. You can probably tune most of it out with the fuel screw. Beyond that you may need to re-jet a bit.


This is considering that everything else with the bike is as it should be - no vacuum leaks, valves in spec, air filter clean, airbox stock, etc.

I new it had to be something small & it was the Fuel Screw need a little adjustment & all is good...Running Great


Thanks i Appreciate it man...

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