Help with headlight?

Hey guys still struggling with trying to get a head light too work on my 2012 its suppose to have plenty of power to run a reasonable headlight I bought a polisport hmx real low wattage and when I try to turn it on it the light starts to light up and the bike dies. Any ideas I have tested the light off a car battery and it seems to work fine. I used a baja desighns harness to wire the light. It's almost like the problem is with the bike itself but I have never had any issues with it running. Any ideas. I don't really know where to go from here and if I had to take it some place I would probably just give up on the head light idea. Lol. Thanks in advance.

What kind of light is it?  LED, HID? What?

What kind of light is it? LED, HID? What?

led its only suppose to draw like 3w. I admit I'm a newbie with this stuff but the bike is suppose be able to handle a much higher wattage light than that but it just flickers and almost immediately kills the bike even if I rev it up. I even stripped the harness right down to where it comes off the bike to eliminate the switch and it does the same thing.

Could my bike not be producing as much electricity as its suppose to but still enough to run. Maybe that's a stupid question I don't know?

Unless there is some partial short in the headlight, chances are it's something in the wiring. Reason I believe that is the additional 3 watt load of the light amounts to basically nothing. If the bike starts normally that tells me the electrical system is ok. After all, if it were down on power it would likely be difficult to start as less energy is produced at kicking speeds. Just a theory anyways. Have you tried running through the stator and reg/rec tests outlined in the manual?

And so far, you haven't taken my advice to contact Baja Designs about the problem?

And so far, you haven't taken my advice to contact Baja Designs about the problem?

Yes I have they didn't have much too say.

The gentleman I talked to didn't really know what to tell me except maybe the bike doesn't have enough power to run the light try turning the light on when you are moving was his input. I disagree with that because the light only draws 3w. I have tried raising the rpms when turning the light on and the bike doesn't even try to stay running it acts like you hit the kill switch. I wouldn't want a light I have to start moving before I turn on any way doesn't sound very safe to me.

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