Is my swingarm damaged?

So my bike has been in storage for years and I finally started riding again so I greased all the bearings. I noticed there was a thrust bearing and washer missing on the left side of the swingarm bearing. I ordered the parts and when I put them in they won't sit flat because of this divit/bump thing in the way. I can fit one washer behind it, but then the bearing won't sit flush with the washer. If I put all three (washer, bearing, washer) on top of it, they all sit lopsided and the dust seal won't sit flush with the swingarm where the thing is. It almost looks like it is a stop or something for the bearing race but idk I'm wondering if it's not supposed to be there since I cannot for the life of me get the washers/thrust bearings to sit flat or the dust seal to fit in flush. I put my bike back together with just one washer and no thrust bearing.


The thing at 11 oclock is what i'm talking about. The bearings/washers I'm talking about are #28 and #7. This is only on the left side it isn't like that on the right side.







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Someone's had to have done the bearings in their swingarm?


I'm just gonna grind it out if no one knows I don't see how I can possibly make the thrust bearing/washers sit flat with it there.

Any chain wear on the swingarm? Maybe it wore through and is now pushing that "bubble" out.

I don't think so


That thing is not supposed to be there, right?



Don't want to grind it out if it has a purpose

get a better picture if you can

Can't tearing my bike down again. Here's some other pictures I took when I had it apart.











Here's a pic with one washer under the notch. If you try to put the thrust bearing on top of the washer it sit's up on the notch as seen the 2nd picture down.







If I put the washer-thrust bearing-washer group together on top of the notch it will sit higher where the notch is and the dust seal won't fit in all the way on that side.

The bearing needs to be pressed in a bit further.

Bearing was in the right place I just had to grind out that notch with left a hole because the swingarm was so thin where it got dented. Filled that with jb weld and it's been doing fine. Still can't figure out what caused that dent.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing :-)

Just looked at the pictures again, now I can see what you're talking about :-)

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