Lower triple clamp bearing removal?

How do I remove the lower triple clamp bearing? Does the steering stem press out?


Stock '06 yz250 

If your replacing it anyways, just use a flat head or a tough plastic wedge and pry the thing upwards going in a star pattern (around the bearing)

Keep wedging it and prying (carefully) and it will come off without damaging the stem

Yes the steering stem presses out

Thanks, I got it off

Any time you have a bearing like that, the easiest and least damaging way to remove it is to cut the cage off releasing the rollers and exposing the inner race.  Heat the race until your spit sizzles on it (about 250 degrees F).  Hold shaft straight up and down and give it a tap on the work bench.  The race will fall off.

I froze the stem overnight and dropped the new bearing on with just a few light taps with a punch to seat it, no heat. Unless you already did it, just what worked for me

I had a hard time removing mine a few weeks ago. I cut the cage off removed the bearings and dremeled a grove in , then a few taps with a chisel it split coming off quite easy.

Tossing the bearing in the oven at 250F does a lot more to facilitate installation than chilling the stem does.

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