2002 Kx500 Starting problems

First off im not new to 4 strokes but I am new to 2 strokes. Its been a 100 degrees here everyday for the last week so the bike has been running quite rich. So today I went ahead and went down to a 52 pilot jet (was previously running a 55)and dropped the needle one clip. Put the carb back in the bike and installed a clean airfilter and attempted to start it. After a LOT of kicking it finally started, smoked a lot and ran very rich(much richer than before). So that was weird.Pulled the carb went through everything again, sprayed it out with carb cleaner, checked float height polished the float needle, and put it back together. Put the carb back in the bike tried to start it again with abolutely no results. Pulled the spark plug, it was wet but not fouled. Put a new plug in just for good measure. Pulled the carb again and put all the old jets back in checked and double checked the float and float needle. Put the carb in the bike again. Checked for spark, it seemed fine. Tried to start it.... Nothing, not even a sputter. So now Im at a loss, what do I check next. Compression test? Reed valve? Am I missing something obvious?

to lean it you should have raised the clip up...so the needle sits deeper into the main.

Reeds, broken or fluttered will do what it is doing.  Small jetting changes would not prevent it from running, especially when you are in the right neighborhood on the jetting.  If you have not changed the reeds lately, it is most likely well overdue.

Did you get the bike running

Did you get the bike running

Sorry for the late reply. Ive been riding. Yes I got the bike running! im quite sure I had water in the fuel. Because after the last kicking session there was white sludge on the throttle slide. Dumped and cleaned out my gas can and went out and bought some fresh fuel, cleaned out the carb again. Added the new fuel and it fired right up and ran well! If feel like a bit of an idiot because I should have checked the fuel sooner. I just didnt suspect fuel right off because I had previously ran fuel out of that can with no trouble, but... So anyways thanks for the help!!! Edited by casualrider1994

to lean it you should have raised the clip up...so the needle sits deeper into the main.

Yes you are right. That is what I did. I mispoke myself.

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