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2013 Husky txc250r noob questions

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Hey everyone!


Wanted to introduce myself and ask a few very rudimentary questions.  I have searched quite a bit both, in my manual and the internet, but to no avail.  These questions are VERY basic,  not only because this  is my first husky, but this is also my first trail/dirt bike.  I come from street/track riding, and what I am finding is maintenance is a tad bit different than what I do on my sportbike.  Admittedly, I am a bit intimidated given the lack of dealership access (closest is 90 miles away)/information/ parts etc out there.  Perhaps i should have gone jap but the price was just to good to pass up lol.  .  So any answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated!


1) Wanted to confirm break in procedure.  Dealership told me to keep half throttle for first 2 hours, and then for 2 hours after that, do 3/4 throttle. 

2) I read online for a different model husky to change oil and filter after 2 hours.  is this correct?

3) What kind of oil is ok to use?  Manual states Castrol Power 1 racing.  Can other 20w-50 oils  be useD?

3) In general, after how many hours should the oil/filter be changed? Manual states every 10 hours

4) Manual says to use AGIP oil/cleaner for air filter, can other products be used ?

5)  Is it ok to use aftermarket oil filters (such as K&N 116) or should I stick with the OEM?

6) Type of Gas octane? Manual says Premium so 93?

7) In the manual it says to clean the oil filter for the drain plug in petrol , wanted to confirm this is the same as the gas we put in our tanks.

9)any thing else i need to be aware of during break in or other maitenance beyond the recommended service intervals?


I think thats it for all.  Again my apologies for the noob questions, any info would be greatly apprecaited! Im really excited to get started on this bike.  The intended use for this bike is two fold: 1) to start  a new sport of trail riding 2) to get comfortable with sliding the front and rear so i can apply these techniques to the street/track.  Needless to say, im super excited!


Below is the obligatory pic!:



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