honda crf 230

hi all!!!

Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a bike.  I have narrowed my search to an 2007' KX250 or a "??" honda CRF230..  The year is unknown (i keep forgetting to ask) on the CRF, but it looks nice and it is all stock-- street legal with the 'tall extended' mirrors of the handlebars.  I am not really into that style bike, but I do like the idea of not getting busted driving on the street and then ripping out into the trails!!

First off, is it hard to pull all that 'street' stuff off and put back on from time to time?  I like just the typical dirtbike.. plain and simple... but the 'not getting busted' part is really appealing to me.


I am a KX fan, always have been.. honda and suzuki are tied for my #2.  I understand and know about the KX250, --CRs and XRs I am familiar with.. and I know the CRF kind of took the place of the XR200, but thats about all I know-- reviews everywhere online are saying that its a great trail and street bike, but not so much racing,,, thats fine because I don't really race.


Dont know the year but it has 1650 miles..  KX is priced right plus has alot of aftermarket parts- never raced, excellent condition..($2300)...  The CRF is priced at $3000 firm and it looks to be in great shape as well.  

Any advice on this,, or more so.. does that price seem reasonable for the CRF?  (again all stock.. black color, 1650 miles)

any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you!!

The price for the Honda seems a little high unless it's a fairly new bike, a brand new 230 is about $4,300. It's hard to judge price without looking at the bike, and riding it. You really just have to go take a test ride. I'm a Honda fan over Kawasaki, I think the quality is a little better. Both good bikes though. The Kawi will be a more powerful bike than the Honda though. Anyway just my 2 cents

The KX 250 would be my choice

thank you!
by nature i am leaning more towards the kawi, but the CRF keeps tuggin at my shirt from behind, mainly because I would now beable to drive it to the tracks and trails without having to load in the truck and/or get busted for street driving.


cash is not really a factor, so i guess i am seeking advice on the CRF in general.. My main issue would be price first off-- $3000 seems little high and IDK if i would be getting jipped.  If I do end up going with the honda, maybe I should look for a different CRF than this particular one?  Someone said that they only made the black plastics street legal version (all stock) one year only, but he wasn't sure of the exact year.  Is that true and if so, what year would it be? (1650 miles on the bike)


And to anyone familiar, does all the street stuff come off and on with ease, or is it a pain in the rear?  I am not a huge fan of that particular look with the big mirrors and lights.


again i thank you all in advance!  just tryin to find out if thats a good deal for it.. what is a more reasonable price, or if i should just seek out another crf if i decide to go that way

I saw that you'd like to ride to the track and the trails which would be cool, but the Crf230 will be disappointing on the track. It's a good trail/play bike but if you are aggressive at all I think you might get bored pretty fast.

Is the KX250 a 2 stroke or is it a KX250f? Either way they are in a totally different league.

I'd get the Honda. I just sold an 06' in near new condition for $2500. You'll get better and faster resell on the Honda and the overall cost will be lower in the end. In my opinion of course.

One is a race bike, one is a heavy turd you give your wife/girlfriend to be bored with.

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