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2010 Swingarm compatibility?

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So today I believe one or two sprocket bolts got loose while riding.. I landed a jump a little rear wheel heavy and heard a loud clang.  Sprocket sheared off my hub and broke the welds holding the chain guard to the swingarm.


These things seem to be a bit more expensive than I was thinking but the 09 swingarms are reasonable.  It seems like the part numer changed in 2009 & 2011 & 2013 (last 3 digits).  My bike is a 2010




2008: 52200-MEN-A10
2009: 52200-MEN-A30
2010: 52200-MEN-A30
2011: 52200-MEN-A50
2012: 52200-MEN-A50
2013: 52200-MEN-A70


If anyone knows for sure please post!  Trying to order asap =/




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