street legal questions for wr250f

so im in the state of Washington which requires full lights. i.e. turn signals hi-low beam head light tail light and horn what is the easiest way to do this yet still very cheap. also my wr has a hi-low beam switch on it that seems to be wired but I could be wrong because upon using the switch nothing happens with my light. how can I check this

Sorry, but easy and cheap often don't happen at the same time when looking to make your dirt bike street legal.

That's been my experience.


What I did for the three dirt bikes I got inspected and registered out here (2009 WR-250F; 2009 CRF450X; 2002 WR-250F) was to buy the Baja Designs dual sport kits for each bike.

Nearly all of the electrical wiring and parts required are in these kits, and, to me, a guy who is not an electrical engineer or has lots of electrical parts laying around the house, they were worth it.


WR-250Fs of any model year were not sold in the USA with any HI/LO headlight switches, so I'm guessing your bike was messed with before you got it.

How can you check it?

You got to break out those wrenches and remove the seat, side panels, and fuel tank and have a look-see.

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yea I love the tusk light kit it looks amazing but I emailed them and sadly it isn't DOT approved :banghead: but the video deff helped me figure out the light problem I had come to find out the hi-low beam switch I had on there was actually hooked up as a grey wire mod to turn on and off stock mapping. when you legalized your bike YZEtc did you leave stock head light or did it not pass as DOT

I used the Baja Designs dual sport kit.

It comes with it's own DOT-approved, HI/LO beam headlight, tail light with brake light, turn signals, flasher relay, horn, wiring, switches, and even a little blue-colored HI beam indicator that lights up when you switch the headlight to HI.


It all worked like a charm and passed three Dept. of Motor Vehicles inspections on the first try.

To me, that's worth it.


What you need to do is to read your state's requirements and modify the bike accordingly.

Also, make sure you have the required paperwork, like insurance card, Bill of Sale, and (very important in this state) the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.

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