HELP ... Need Clutch replacment tutorial!

I'm helping a friend with his '08 DRZ-SM ... one of his kids somehow burnt the clutch. (I think)

Can anyone refer me to a good tutorial thread or give basic advice on doing this job?


I did my Vstrom Clutch about 10 years ago ... it was easy. Did them on seveal 2 strokes years ago too ... not hard.

So how is it to work on the DRZ? I owned an '01 DRZ400E back in '01 ... but it never broke, never worked on it. Great bike.

Any caveats or Gotcha's ?


Any help or advice welcome ... and much appreciated!  :cheers:


Thanks guys,



Pretty straight forward.  Take it apart and put it back together.  Things to watch out for are the 2 big washers at the end of the stack and the odd clutch plate to clear the washers.  If the replacement clutch does not have the 1 odd plate, omit the 2 washers.

Thanks Noble, I will watch for the "odd" plate.

That's a good start!

I plan to go with OEM Suzuki clutch plates/parts. I'm hoping only the fiber plates need replacing (Driven plates?)


Cheers!  :cheers:

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