KTM 250 SX-f lacking power.

I just bought a KTM 250 SX-f a little while ago and the hour meter that was on the bike read 27 hours (I don't think it's quite accurate based on the shape the bike was in when I bought it.) Its the original engine, but it seems to be lacking MAJOR power. I can't even get close to getting a wheelie going.. I'm not very inclined when it comes to engine mechanics, but I'm guessing something needs to be rebuilt but I don't know what. Ideas? Suggestions?

I should add that its an 09'

2009 with 27hrs on it...A little odd.


I would check with the usual places.


How old is the fuel?


How gunked up is the sparkplug?


Is the airfilter clean?


Is the exhaust pipe clean on the inside?


Dont go for a whole rebuild till you see the obvious spots...


Later we will check the carb jets and even fuel pickup.


You need three things for your engine to run.



2 Fuel

3 Spark


There is also compression but we not check that for now...You get these three items in the right qty and you will have power...

Clutch slipping is my guess

Naf, When I bought it I went through and replaced/cleaned everything. New spark plug, new air filter, changed the oil and filter, etc. And I'm running 91 octane gas, the first tank was treated with a system cleaner, then the second tank on I've used a gas treated with a stablizer. I would be shocked if it were any of that!

I would then check the oil pickup screens and also check out the clutch.

Checkin the screen are for debris from the clutch

sounds like a classic worn out top end

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