I'll be intersted to see if they offer an off road version and how much it weighs.


Call me crazy, but it still dosent look as trick as the WR/YZ 400/426 does it?

Mabye its the big nasty looking exhaust.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven


Hey guys,

Dont get too crazy. People in the know that I know say it is a very good bike but it does not compete with the 426.

Try before you buy.....

the YZ's are producing 50bhp at the rear wheel so i think the yam may still be more powerful. let's not forget that yam are going to 450cc next year as well so if anything the it will still have a good power advantage.

i feel that the yam's are reliable, at least that's the experience of everyone i know & an awful lot of TT members.

it's that easy to kick bit that seems so much fun. also the weight. after you strip away the bullshit i think the honda is going to be about 5-10lb lighter than today's yam.

they have got to shave 10lb's off the yam's for 2002 or they're in big trouble.

at the end of the day the yam can't remain No 1 forever.

this isn't the end, indeed it isn't the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps, the end of the beginning!


Taffy, who said Yamaha is #1? I hate to admit it because I own a WR400, but the KTM 520 is a WAY BETTER bike than the 400/426/450 will ever be!


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

94 RMX250

Yeah, we will see. All the manufacturers lie about HP and weight. Publishing dry weight is ridiculous, you cant ride without oils and coolant. Some bikes need less oil, etc, so for an apples to apples comparison, they should publish RTR weight, no gas.

I must admit the CRF is a great looking bike.

Forget how it looks! 55 hp and 225 pounds!

I'm on board with that baby!

Even if they are exaturating it should be awesome!


WOW let me at it! :)


u been drinking? haha

hell im happy with my yam for now,,,

all i ask for is unbreakable bones [ or a bit of ridding skill on my part],,,, and some motocross pants that dont transmit the heat for a 600degree header pipe when my calf touches it,,,,

when i feel my bike holds me back then ill look to upgrade,,for now my bikes more able then i am.......


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

Blueboner, very funny about the KTM being way better than the Yams, very funny indeed.

All Yamaha has to do is drop 10 pounds with everything else remaining the same and it will kill the Honda. Of course I am not biased in any way, but honestly I think the Yamaha motor does and will put out more power. It is simply a "higher performance" motor, whatever that means. :)

Lets not forget who pulled 2 holeshots on the RC450R (Factory Backed Bike) The White Bros. Production YZ426......Doug

Power and weight are issues, but Honda didn't say jack about the suspension. I bought the 426 mostly because it comes ready to ride with the best of them (with the exception of that goofy throttle stop). Is the new honda suspension decent?

I thought the 2001 CR's had their best suspension since 1989, which may not be saying much. But, I also thought it was ranked fairly well against the other 2001 250 MX'ers...???

I read somewhere (Dirt Bike Mag) that Yamaha rates its HP at the rear wheel as opposed to the primary drive. If that is the case, the Yamaha has more HP. Regardless, my buddy has a 426 and I have a 400. When we ride together, the difference unapparent. I'm sure if we drag-raced he'd edge me out at some point. Makes not difference 99% of the time.

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