twinwall bends suggestions

twinwall bend suggestions???? 5'10"

This q's is sort of hard to answer, I have buddies about the same height as you and taller and they are running CR HI'S. I am 5'7" and thats also what Im using, because its comfortable for me. Its gonna depend what you feel is comfortable.

my .02

peace :)

I don't run twin wall bars, but I'm 6'0" and I love the McGrath bend. It has little pull-back. I love straight bars! my .02 :)

I just replaced my McGrath bend with Carmichals. The MG's were too low for my taste. RC's are almost an inch taller. CR HI's are almost as tall as RC's, but have a little more sweep. Anybody want a set McGrath Twinwalls? I will sell them for $75, or work out some kind of trade for DRZ400/YZ250F accessories? I'm 6'0.


2001 YZ250F

2000 DRZ400Y

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That's a tough question. I've used the CR bend in the past and I'm using the RC bend right now. That question is a matter of personal preference and what feels right for you. However, I've found that I can get use to what ever is bolted on.



Before you buy a McGrath bend go with a Yamaha bend. They are the same dimensions but the Yamaha bend is usually cheaper. Guess you have to pay extra for the name.

I had the Honda HI bend and really liked them but I went to the shop and they didnt have them in stock so I went with the RC bend. I would never switch back the RC bend is awesome, I do rotate my bars pretty far forward so it is really a matter of preference. but I vote RC RC RC....

im gonna go with the RC bend, i cant afford to "try out" all the different ones, lol....i think i can adjust if i dont like em anyways

Tony's right about the Yamaha bend, but you can't get the cool anodized ends with a renthal unless you get the rider bar! Really the only reason I bought the rider bar over the yammy bar was renthal claimed that the rider bar was a bit stronger with the anodizing. In hind sight, it was probably B.S.


Ive got a pair of Hi bend YZ bars (pro taper) that I'll sell ya if ya wantem. brand new. I mounted them, but havent ridden the bike with them yet because my collar bone isnt healing right. Im over 6' and need a little more room. Im not sure how much higher than stock these are, but they are the same bend/sweep and stock YZ. If ya like the stockers, These might work for ya. Ill sellem to ya for $75 plus shipping

no thanx, imma crossbar kinda guy....i like it when it saves me from goin over the bars :-D

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