Which Headlight will fit on 2008 xcrw 530?

Hey guys,

So I want to get my bike to be dual sport, but first step is getting a headlight installed.


My question to you guys if any of you know an inexpensive headlight that will plug and play into the harness?


I have a 2008 xcrw 530, and the only open plug near the headlight is a 4 pin plug (has only 3 pins with wires to to them, so it's essentially only 3 live pins) and within that it is 2 whites in one, 1 white in another, and 1 brown in another. 


If anyone knows any dot headlights that will plug right into that, that would be very much appreciated!


I would love to hear suggestions if possible too. (Once I plan to have the headlight into the main battery, I plan on getting the rest of lights from a tusk lighting kit into a small external battery pack)


Thank you all for your help!

Awesome, thanks a lot.


So my bike will should have two power wires that will plug into the switch of this headlight? (too lazy to check) No problem if you don't know off the top of your head.



Would you happen to know a breaklight that will plug into the stock xcrw 530 harness? I think it's a flat 3 pin plug near the airbox that is not being used (a brown and white wire connected to it). And is there a stock rear pressure sensor that would work with it?


Thanks man.

The Trailtech switch and light are "plug and play" on you '08. Check Baja designs for the brake light and pressure switch.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406855744.851749.jpg

Bought this tail light brake light sub fender for my 2009. Love it! Sturdy and a killer handle now under the fender. Trail tech x2 halogen. Hydraulic brake switch by sickass. The headlight will dim at idle bc out stators suck from factory. Got a trailtech 100w on the way and a trailtech fan kit. Hopefully that will be it for my 530 light mods. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406855919.242910.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406855934.939507.jpg

Don't forget the turn signals

Not required in CO for registration. Need a 'horn', DOT tires and w my mods thus far, should be good.

And a mirror.

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